Why Love Will?


Love Will is an app based platform designed to give you the flexibility you need to manage your will as and when you need to. Love Will gives you the option to take complete control of your will and manage it in a way that best suits you and your needs.

Easy Arrangements

Daily Changes

In-Hand Use

Easy Timescales

Automatic Notifications

Simple for Relatives

Lower Costs

Easy Funding

Bespoke to Your Wishes

Professional Solutions

Easy to be Contacted

Future Amendments

Packages for all Incomes

Future 360 Green Room Service

This will give the on the go every day person the opportunity to create a will that works for them individually and the option to amend without taking a day off work to visit a solicitor and cost you not only for the will but also a days loss of earnings.
Our app will provide you the service that you can create over weeks if needed and polish the details and requests as your life changes day by day.



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