• Free Download
  • Free for the first 4 months
  • £9 per annum Basic form after 4 months
  • £20 per witness change of will
  • £19 per month with the the VR video recordings final messages / stories
  • £490 life plan which will also have a £9 per annum charge to verify card holders account and admin / witness process. The life plan offer allows three changes per year within the the one of life plan charge. Further changes will be charged at £20 per witness change of full will. There is no monthly charge with this package. This is the life term of the account holder.


You will be able to change amend add recordings and text for FREE live at any time of the day or night while on your 4 month trial. The Love Will can be triggered even within the free trial period. Once the free trial has become a fee paying service (£9PM payment)
The changing of details and recordings will be free until you would like this to be authorised by your witnesses and our qualified Love Will writers then the £20 per full update will come to in affect along with the monthly payment. You can officially change this as often as you like in which the £20 per full update of your Love Will can be charged. If the funds are not paid or a live payment card is available then the changes will not be made.
When the final Love Will is needed we can offer a free Love Will reading via Skype.


If you choose to use our legal team for all of your legal needs or there will be an additional fee per Love Will that has been released for the use of a third party legal team. The fee for to be released to a second party will be £150 per Love Will. This £150 will increase yearly by £5 per year after starting the use of our will app. The fee can be paid to release the final Will that has been certified and witnessed.



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